TAFE NSW – the right start!

One of the best things I’ve done this year is enrol in a TAFE NSW Course. The reasons are many but I’ll try to highlight a few. Firstly, the diversity of courses, believe me they have an enormous range that suits all interests, ages and abilities. I’ve chosen a business path that will assist me in further studies when I complete my current Certificate Course. The work is good and the content is very interesting. Secondly, they truly know their stuff. All TAFE teachers are fully qualified in their respective field of expertise and match this with extensive, real-world experience.

I have friends and relatives that have studied at both University and/or TAFE and, by far, they all acknowledge the overwhelming benefits of their TAFE courses. It’s one thing to know something from a book but something completely different to have academic knowledge and hands-on experience. This is what TAFE specialises in and it prepares you for the workforce and in a way that all employers want.

For a anyone considering practical study in any area from Science, the Arts, through to Business and Finance then TAFE is definitely the right move for you. I’ve included links to the TAFE NSW and Illawarra sites where I live and strongly recommend you either click the links or pick up the phone as it will change your life and expand your personal knowledge base.

TAFE NSW  (1300 360 601)

TAFE Illawarra (1300 766 123)


Clare xx.