TAFE NSW – the right start!

One of the best things I’ve done this year is enrol in a TAFE NSW Course. The reasons are many but I’ll try to highlight a few. Firstly, the diversity of courses, believe me they have an enormous range that suits all interests, ages and abilities. I’ve chosen a business path that will assist me in further studies when I complete my current Certificate Course. The work is good and the content is very interesting. Secondly, they truly know their stuff. All TAFE teachers are fully qualified in their respective field of expertise and match this with extensive, real-world experience.

I have friends and relatives that have studied at both University and/or TAFE and, by far, they all acknowledge the overwhelming benefits of their TAFE courses. It’s one thing to know something from a book but something completely different to have academic knowledge and hands-on experience. This is what TAFE specialises in and it prepares you for the workforce and in a way that all employers want.

For a anyone considering practical study in any area from Science, the Arts, through to Business and Finance then TAFE is definitely the right move for you. I’ve included links to the TAFE NSW and Illawarra sites where I live and strongly recommend you either click the links or pick up the phone as it will change your life and expand your personal knowledge base.

TAFE NSW  (1300 360 601)

TAFE Illawarra (1300 766 123)


Clare xx.


Lush Lovin’

We all want what’s best for our skin and in doing so, it is important to be conscious of the cosmetic production process which goes behind the products we purchase.

Lush is a fresh handmade cosmetic company that locally and ethically source their ingredients supporting local manufacturers as well as farmers. The Lush team are strongly against animal testing, only testing their products on humans which in itself is a significant matter within the cosmetic industry. The company is also involved with several other environmental organisations which further demonstrates their core values.

During my visit today I encountered the kindest and most genuine staff who gladly helped me with their overwhelming range of scented, organic products. Try to visit your nearest Lush store, if for no other reason than the experience.



Stay fresh!

Clare xx




The best organic coffee you will EVER have!

This morning my Dad and I embarked on one of our traditional coffee runs, which ended up being more rewarding than just a great cup of coffee.

All too often we hear of corporate horror stories and how they put profit before people and the environment. Well this time it’s different. I was lucky enough to sit and discuss the operations of a FMCG business that is truly ethical and determined to make a positive difference for all.

Tye Bronneberg is the CEO of the Australian Beverage Corporation and owner of Delano Coffee. Their operation is a classic example of vertical integration as they are involved in all aspects of the coffee bean processing. From sourcing the organic beans through to packaging and distribution, they work tirelessly to commercialize their brand in the most ethical and socially responsible way they can. Tye has also aligned his Australian Beverage Corporation team with a push to save the Sumatran Orangutan. He does this by putting his time and money into an initiative to decrease deforestation, increase awareness globally and also stop the slaughter of these magnificent animals.

I highly recommend a visit to their cafe in Montague St. Wollongong or purchasing their delicious Delano blend online and experiencing the truly beautiful flavours yourself. I hope you can support Tye and his team at Delano where possible, knowing that your organic coffee beans have been picked, sourced and processed in the most ethically way possible.

lare.  xx.

Beautiful Bombora

If you’re ever in Wollongong take time to visit Bombora Restaurant. The food is very tasty and in generous amounts. Remember to try the lunch menu as it is one of their specialties.

Great food, great view and all you need is great company.


Clare.  xx.

David Jones shopping experience…

There’s a lot to be said for being patient, particularly after the Christmas rush. There is also a good feeling when you have a positive shopping experience and browsing the aisles can be more relaxing than you would think. I was shopping at DJ’s yesterday and there are a number of bargains to be had. I thought I’d mention it because it’s good to let people know when something like this happens.

Well done DJ’s!

Clare.  xx.